Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Green Living - What Does it Mean?

Green LivingAll of our lifestyle aspects define or contradict green living, and environmental attitudes all resume to personal choices most of the time. People have grown used to high-comfort levels and good life standards, and they consider that by switching to green living alternatives, they will experience a drawback or decrease of everything they value in terms of personal coziness.
The truth is that green living implies respect for resources and consideration for the natural world of which we are a great part. People should stop seeing themselves as separate from the environment because no matter what we think, we will always be the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil from where we take our food. Here are a few examples of habits considered exactly the opposite of green living and you will see why.
Heating water at high temperatures! Most water services are set on such high values that when we turn the tap on, the water is too hot to immerse the hand in it. We'll usually compensate for the inconvenience by adding a ton of cold water and thus making a huge waste. The heat is wasted, the water is wasted and all you need is a simple hand-wash. Why then heat gallons of water for the less than a liter required for such a basic need?
The living green solution would be not only to reduce the water consume by careful thinking but also to implement a solar heating system if you have the means. Food is the next big concern together with water. A green living solution for our meals is the use of the organic products from local farms where no pesticides or fertilizers are used. Organic food enhances good health, prolongs life, makes diseases easier to treat and protects the environment.
Recycling of the household waste has been turned into the basis of the green living strategies in most civilized countries. The consumers are encouraged to give their old electric appliances away in exchange for a major discount when purchasing newer ones. Such strategies have encouraged recycling in many parts of the world.
There is so much you can do for green living, and the effort can be minimum with a bit of awareness and some respect for Mother Earth. If you are at a loss about where to start, have a look online at the incredibly numerous tips for green living, or contact Greenpeace to see how you can help to major projects. You can commit as intensely as you like, because any effort makes a difference.
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